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          1. 常州市康仁医疗器械有限公司


            Negative pressure drainage bag is connected with the whole device to collect the liquid waste such as sputum of the patient during the operation. 

            Negative pressure drainage device

            The device is composed of negative pressure drainage bag, catheter, coat bottle and holder (only double and quartet bottles have the holder with wheels)

            Product features:

            Using disposable drainage bag, no need to clean, avoiding secondary cross-infection;

            Having one-way check valve and vacuum filter, avoiding damage of the device caused by inhalation of backflow liquid to central suction system;

            Adopting high quality green material, using special bonding process to avoid rupture under heavy pressure;

            Design of double and quartet bottles, saving space and suitable for various of operation requirements;

             Well-designed, simple structure, easy operation & installation.

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